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Getting Around

There are several ways to get around in Saranda with surroundings.

The Bus:

The Bus leaves from the centre of Saranda (The Nene Theresa Square).

There is no real busstops (except for the start at the centre) - when the bus passes you just wave and the bus stops and you get on. When you want to hop off you just tell the chauffeur to stop. There are several bus-lines going in different directions.

There is one bus going to the southerns parts, following the Ruga Butrinti towards Butrinti, passing Ksamil on the way. It takes 20-25 minutes to go all the way to Butrinti. The price to go with bus is 100 LEK (all the way to Butrint but also if you hop off earlier). You pay to either the chauffeur or a conductor on the bus in cash.

You find the timetable at the bus stop in the centre.

Times from Saranda to Butrint  Times from Butrint to Saranda

There is also one bus line going north towards Vlore and one towards Gjirokaster.

Use Your Sea Dream Transports:

We help you with all kinds of transports, short and long distance. Read more here!

Greta Shalari - your contact.  

Bezo - driver.  


There is Taxis at several Taxi stands in Saranda.There is no central Taxi telephone number to order a taxi. You find one Taxi stand just close to Hotel Butrint at the southern start of the promenade. There is also one Taxi stand at the Nene Theresa Square and one just above the port. You can also just stop a Taxi at the street of course. Just be ware that there is not always a Taxi passing. The Taxi drivers doesn't so often speak english and there is not always seat belt in the car. The price to go from one spot to another local  in Saranda is normal 400-500 LEK depending of distance and season. 

Taxistand at the Nene Theresa Square


Many people walk their way in Saranda. The promenade is very beautiful and most restaurants, hotels and shops is in a nice distance. To walk is a nice way of seeing more of the real life in the town and of course you also get some exercise though some parts of Saranda is quite hilly!