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Saranda Essentials

Saranda is a town were you find not just a lot of restaurants and cultural interesting attractions. You also find nice cafés and bars, small shops, supermarkets and bakeries. You also find beauty salons and markets. Saranda is not the place with big shopping malls or huge shops from famous business chains so if that type of shopping is what you are looking fore you should go some where else! Here you find the small boutiques and charmy market stands. 

Here you can read about a selection of interesting spots of Saranda. Of course there are many more, just walk around and you will find them!


1. Dolce - here you buy Sarandas best Ice-cream and pastries!!

On your way up in the southern part of Saranda on Ruga Butrinti you find this fantastic family own Bakery. The couple who runs this business, Mr and Mrs Kole, are making the most fantastic pastries and ice cream with many nice tastes such as chocolate, melon and stracciatella. You can take a strong espresso and sit down outside and enjoy you ice-cream with the marvelous sea view towards Corfu!


2. Emas Salon - here you get you nails done or your hair cut!

Go to Emas Salon just south of the promenade in Butrinti direction. Here you can have both manicure, pedicure and a nice haircut, for a very low price. Feel relaxed when you sit down in the comfortable chair and Ema is doing her work. Just pass by the salon and see if Ema has time for you, book a time or call Ema +355 6952 05706


3, 4, 5 and 6. Supermarkets - there are lots of them, smal and big!

In almost every corner you find small supermarkets. Here you can buy the most important like water, fruits, butter, eggs but also sun-block. During the summer season you also find bathing shoes and bathing toys. One example is Agimi Mini-market in the southern just opposite the Your Sea Dream Apartment (3).


There are also several medium and big supermarkets. You find for example Planet in the southern part (4), a supermarket (5)  at the Taxi-stand near hotel Butrint and the really big newly opened Carrefour in the northern part (6). At the Carrefour you find a large selection of everything you need, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, bred, vine and frozen things. 


7. The Market - vegetables and fruits!

Just close to the port you find one of the farmers markets. Here beautiful fresh harvest of the seasons vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, spices, olives and nuts are sold directly by the farmers in the Saranda-region. 


8. Limani & Ita Gym - here you get your body in shape!

If you want to visit a Gym with AC the place to go is the Gym just opposite Limani restaurant on the promenade. Her you find a nice Gym with all the modern equipment you wish fore and also dressing rooms with showers and locker both for men and women. You pay 400 LEK/3 EUR a day, 1500 LEK/11 EUR weekly or monthly 3000 LEK/22 EUR (January 2015). Open hours are normally 8:00 until 22:00.


9. Tourist Information - here you find more information, maps and newspapers!

Just in the middle of the promenade in Saranda town you find the Tourist Information. The "house" is a shape of a yellow globe just next to the sea. Here there is an english-speaking guide that knows a lot and can inform you in any tourist question. They also sell maps, newspapers and souvenirs. In high season it is almost "always" open, even in evenings.