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Guided Tours by Your Sea Dream

Your Sea Dream offers guided tours in the Saranda region.

We customize tours according to your wishes. Any attractions in the Saranda region can be part of your tour, like the World Heritage Butrinti, the Blue Eye, Porto Palermo, the monastery, Saranda city centre and the nice beaches along the coast.

We do shorter tours, half or full day tours according to your wish.

Our guide is Greta Shalari. Greta is a licensed guide and she has a lot of experience leading groups of tourists and making the tour both interesting, comfortable and comprehensive for the guests.

Greta was born in Gjirokastër in the 1980's. Now she lives with her family in Saranda. She has been living abroad for several years, both in Greece and in Canada. She speaks English, Greek and Albanian fluently.

Greta knows a lot of Albanian history and culture. She grew up during the period when Albania was governed by the communist party. Greta loves to share her knowledge and experiences from her life in this amazing country with its interesting history.

Here are two examples of Guided Tours that Greta has arranged for guests, just to give you an idea of the possibilities that we offer.

Click on the links below and you will se more pictures, filmes and practical information (schedule, pricing etc).

Enjoy a fantastic interesting day with a lot of impressions in the beautiful Saranda region!