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Here we present a selection of the best beaches in the Saranda region.

They are different in many ways and the biggest difference is maybe that some of them are quite crowded in high season and some of them are not crowded at all, not even in high season.

They are definitely also worth a visit in oktober/november even though the restaurant is close at that time, you can go and be totally lonely. Sometimes the water temperatur is higher than 20 degrees celsius even then!

Visit one of them, some of them or all of them - and enjoy!!!

1. Ksamil Beach

Beach is located near the village Ksamil. It is a long beach with beautiful white sand. The water is turquoise blue and wonderful to take a swim in after some tanning or relaxing under a sun umbrella. You could rent a small boat to go out to one of the small islands close to the beach, there is a lot of nature and underwater to explore! During summer season there is a large range of restaurant to choose from, traditional albanian food, coffee, ice cream and pizza. Most of the many restaurant along the beach will rent you beach chairs, sun umbrellas and tables. Ksamil is the Albanian's paradise beach. On weekends a lot of locals and tourists fills up the beach. But generally it is less busy on weekdays. During the rest of the year Ksamil is less crowded.

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2.Lukovë Beach

Lukovë is a coastal beach just 20 km north of Saranda. The sand is fine and it is a quiet and calm beach with nature close to it. During summer time it can get busy, like most Albanian beaches. For the rest of the year you can tan and swim without seeing other people. There are a few bars and restaurants placed by the beach, where you could have a classic albanian dish or a cooling drink. Sun chairs, tables and sun umbrellas are available for rent. It is a sand beach, partly rocky, so it could be good to bring swim shoes or flip flops.

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3. Pasqyra - Mirror beach

Mirror beach is a beautiful and surprisingly unknown beach situated just 9 km from Saranda next to the coast way to Ksamil. It is called Pasqyra beach in Albanian. The car drive to the beach is tricky; because the road goes down steep cliffs. But once on the beach, you'll think it is worth it. You will find fine sand and clear water. When the tide is high you can swim to the right and find another part of the beach. When the tide is low you can walk there. Or you can stay on the main side, and rent a sun chair and a sun umbrella. There is also a nice restaurant, which serves traditional Albanian food, drinks and ice cream. A splendid destination on a sunny day!

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4. Santa Quaranta

The beach Santa Quaranta has opened not a long ago, 2014. It is a beautiful beach quite near the city, just 20 minutes walk from the centre of town. You find a lot of nice hotels and restaurants just close by like The Beer House hotel. The bech has nice sand and a fantastic view of the Island Korfu and other surrounding islands. Sun umbrellas, table and sun chairs are for rent. there is a pier for boats just beside the beach. At the beach there is also a café / bar. It is very popular for young people go here to enjoy the night life of Saranda.

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5. Mango Beach

Mango Beach is a club by the seaside where mostly young people go. In summer season there are multiple partys and events at Mango beach. Mango Beach is where you go when you want to make new friends and experience Saranda city's night life. They serve drinks and food. At night time you can party by the bar and during daytime you can go to the beach, right next to the club. The beach is beautiful, but sometimes a bit crowded. There is a magnificent view of the Island Korfu and other surrounding islands. Sun umbrellas, table and sun chairs are for rent.

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