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Here we present a selection of the best attractions in the Saranda region. They are different in many ways and definitely worth a visit!

Visit one of them, some of them or all of them - and enjoy!!!

1. Butrint National Park

The Butrint National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most important archaeological attractions in the country. It consists of around 86 square kilometres of historic landscape, beautiful nature and archaeology. The park is located in the South Western extreme of Albania. The intention of the creation of the park, in November 2000, was to involve local communities and national institutions to create a sustainable cultural heritage resource that can serve as a model for other parks around Albania. It contains structures and artefacts spanning from the Bronze Age to the 19th century. A number of major monuments, for example the city walls, great basilica, theatre, late-antique baptistery and Venetian castles, are open for visitors. Not only has the park fantastic archaeological remains but also the site is surrounded by natural woodland with a fascinating ecosystem. Historic monuments in combination with enjoyable nature and calm atmosphere make a perfect day trip. .

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2.Syri i Kalter - The Blue Eye

When visiting Saranda you cannot miss the natural phenomena blue water spring; The Blue Eye. The Blue Eye is the largest out of 18 springs on the surface of Earth. It is magical to look into The Blue Eye and the clear water is definitely something you will remember. The water bubbles up from a deep pool creating a dark blue Apple of the eye, the water murmurs out in the river shifting colour to crystal clear light blue and green. The rumour goes that an engineer in a hydropower station named the spring after the blue eyes of his beloved. The flow rate of water out of the spring is 7.5 cubic meters per second. The spring has a 10-meter diameter. The water pours out to, the 25 km long, Bistrica River. The river produces electricity to the south of Albania. The temperature of the water is 13 degrees Celsius. Divers have descended fifty meters down the karst hole, but it remains unclear how deep the karst hole actually is. The mystic of the unknown depth gives the curious mind something to think about and it is sure refreshing to see such ice blue water after a hot day in Saranda's sun.

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3. Lekursi Castle

The Lekursi Castle is built during the Renaissance, in the 16th century around 1537. The reason the castle was built was that the vantage point was ideal for protecting the city from seafaring invaders. If you are looking for a scenic and magnificent view, this is the place to go. It is located on the top of a hill, overlooking Saranda. From the castle you can see Corfu and the islands of Ksamil. During summer season you can enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant inside the castle or if you prefer outside on the deck watching the sunset.

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4. Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is a more than 100 km long coastline that runs from Saranda and further north. It is often considered the last path of unexploited Mediterranean coast. Along the path you will find traditional Mediterranean villages like Lukove, Borsh and Himare, beautiful beaches, ancient castles, Orthodox churches, walking trails and nightlife. The landscape is alternating between turquoise water, beaches, mountain passes, caves, olive, orange and lemon plantations.

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