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Health & Emergency - Pharmacies and Hospitals

In Saranda there are many Pharmacies. Here you can buy medicines and also for example liquid for contact lenses (for example Bausch&Lomb). Please remember to bring your own medications in case you have special needs. Like with every trip to other countries than your own, you are responsible for your own travel insurances, so please check how your travel insurance covers transportation and any needs of medication or medical treatments.

Hospital in Saranda

There is a hospital (Albanian "Spital") in Saranda. It is situated just north of the city centre on "Road Onhezmi". Don't forget you have to pay for the treatment. In case you are in need of special treatments you should check their availability prior to traveling.

Emergency Saranda Hospital 

Hospital Entrance Saranda 

Important telephone numbers:

Ambulance / emergency situation:   127 (local);     +355127

Firedepartment:                              128 (local);     +355128

Police emergency:                           129 (local);      +355129

Police street:                                   126 (local);      +355126


Hospital in Greece

The University Hospital of Ioannina is located across the border in Greece. Going by car it is approximately 80 km from Saranda to Ioannina. This car trip normally takes 1 hour 45 minutes - 2 hours 15 minutes (depending on the time it takes to cross the border). Please remember to bring your passport. Some countries in the European Union (for example Sweden) has "Health cards" that gives the citizens the right to have health care in another European Country and their health insurance will pay - don't forget to bring the card! 





Tel: +30 26510 99111

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