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Your Sea Dream – The idea!

The Your Sea Dream Guide about Saranda is made to give You the best information about the Saranda region.

When you are planning to travel to Saranda you often have many questions, both about attractions, beaches and restaurant but also all the practical things. How do I get a transfer from the Airport? What is the currency? Is there bankomats? and many other questions. The Your Sea Dream Guide is there to answer your questions and make Your planning and travel easier!

The creator of this Guide is Charlotta Gallon, who is the founder.  

- I work together with The Your Sea Dream Team, people living in Saranda who knows Saranda by heart and have the best possibility to find the information you need and good solutions for You!


Charlotta, Greta & Driver Bezo.


The Carpenter. Bring ideas alive and online. Also known as the CIO.

More about Charlotta

I live in Sweden with my husband and my two daughters. During the spring 2013 Petter and I went to Saranda for the first time and it was love at first sight. The beauty of the sea and landscape, the friendly people and the quite unexploited coast was totally irresistible! We decided to invest in a apartment. After that we have visited Saranda many times and we still love it as much as before.

My experience is that many people are curious about Albania and Saranda but doesn't really know how to go there. That's why I now after some years in Saranda want to share my experience so you can have the information you need and feel comfortable to visit Saranda.

- That's why I created Your Sea Dream


We hope You will enjoy the Guide - visit and love Saranda as much as we do!!